Adobe - Special offers

[UX Optimisation]

This brief involved redesigning the Adobe special offers page to create a design that help prospective customers feel comfortable and confident when proceeding to payment by making the offers as clear as possible.

The previous page design had many problems including inconsistent styling, layout and comparability. This made it hard for prospective customers to access, compare and choose the right offer for them.

Stock imagery on the page failed to aid understanding and cheapened Adobe’s products, and the mobile experience was not on par with the desktop experience, at times becoming illegible.

The offers page and the offer modules were designed together across desktop, mobile and tablet. The page design allowed Adobe to use customisable campaign imagery whilst maximising legibility and compatibility for the user.

I created a flexible offer card component that can be used across a number of offers. The card used clear titles and icons to help distinguish each offer. The call to action and price were moved to the top of the card – appearing above the fold.

A consistent and structured card layout made it easier for prospective customers to compare offers and the detailed information provides the customer with a clearer understanding of what the deal includes, giving them more confidence to proceed to the next step in the journey.

Information should be presented to users in a way that makes the design transparent and honest. This not only reflects well on the business but is something that I think is key for a truly user centred experience.

The A/B testing during Black Friday showed a positive impact on conversion rates contributing to £2 million in increased sales. The design is being rolled out globally in 10+ countries and is projected to make Adobe £20 million in sales.